Manicure and Pedicure


Regular Polish $20

Shellac - Fingers $30

Manicure 1/2hr $52

File, Buff, Cuticle work, moisturising massage & Polish.

Manicure with Shellac $62

Manicure with Paraffin Wax Bath $78

French Extra $10

Shellac - Toes $35

Pedicure 1/2hr $68

Pedicure with Shellac $75

Deluxe Pedicure 1hr $68

Relax with a peppermint foot soak and scrub, file, buff and cuticle work and a tension releasing massage performed with lashes of moisturising lotion, giving that much needed hydration to the feet.

Deluxe Pedicure with Shellac $78

Shellac Soak off $25

Shellac Soak off & repaint Fingers $30

Shellac Soak off & repaint Toes $45